Create & Destroy

Create and destroy. 

Having been somewhat hooked on ancient mysteries and ancient civilizations all my life, I love watching the programs associated with it.  

One thing that seems to ring true no matter what program one watches is the destruction of the human race. The rise and fall of civilizations and their decimation along the timeline. It seems that no matter how big or powerful a king or a leader gets, they either get overthrown or killed.  

It seems that no matter what era of civilization one focuses on, the result is destruction. It is a constant throughline from the Sumerians to today’s war in Ukraine.  


This is what I have been thinking of for a long time now. Why is peace impossible to achieve? I would have always bet that it was money, power and greed. However, looking back in history it seems that the killing never ended.  

For sure there were riches beyond belief in the old days. But how did we place such value on worthless rocks/gems like diamonds? How did we end up putting metals before crops and food? 

How did we end up with business and greed being the things we want the most over health and wellbeing?  This puzzles me. It would seem that anyone with a logical mind could place health and wellbeing over riches and fame. Maybe not, but in the end, I bet they would regret the choices when an individual was on their death bed. 

Before the bible. 

Even before the bible… Let’s not debate this but we all know the dinosaurs and all were around long before the bible. But certain teachings in all religious texts make sense and many do not.  Therefore, it is clear and logical to conclude that even then with all the religions being at their strongest, terrible things happened. Some in the name of religion and some not.  

Though most wars in the old days would have been fought in the name of God. Either way, it seems that we have been waging this battle for thousands of years. We all say we want peace but no one ever truly wants it.  

All good until? 

Everyone wants peace, yet no one goes all out and makes it happen. Why not? Too much politics and way too much religion involved. No one wants to give in. They fear that they will lose and the other party will come and have the upper hand or be backstabbed.  

Nothing will ever change on earth until there is a monetary value placed on things. Business will always rule and money will always be the end goal. Every single thing is monetized and therefore we are the slaves to the world we have created. But going back in time, how did this all evolve? My guess would be, that once we settled and we no longer acted as a hunter-gatherer society, this system was set in place. Since then, it has become a convoluted system that has been etched into our DNA. 

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