Unsolved mysteries.

Something to think about. 

With nearly 6.4 million views please check this video out. I got stuck on YouTube on a channel titled Unexplained Mysteries. The link and channel below are far more entertaining than any Netflix series anyone could watch. I do not suggest watching all seven hours at once. However, if you have the time please do take a look.   

 200 Unsolved Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained | Compilation 

What is so fascinating about these seven hours is the fact that there is no debate, no argument or bias. The program lists 200 unexplained mysteries. The biggest takeaway is, that we know very little about the past. Plus, the addition of facts that we do not know the answers to.  


The incredible content takes a look at everything from Egypt, Noah’s Ark, Atlantis, Nazca Lines, Romans, Aliens, Bigfoot, UFOs, Mayans, space, planets, astrology and Incas for example.   

Amazing and mind-blowing content that no matter how you look at, it makes you think. It makes no difference whether you are religious or an atheist. It does not go for or against God. While most of the content makes you shrug your shoulders and toss your hands in the air, it does make you think very deeply.  

The seven hours go by quite fast, but as you watch and listen there is one constant that you are being reminded of. We think of ourselves as advanced, yet there are 200 separate things tossed at you and yet we have no explanation for any of them. We have guesses and a hypothesis or two but that’s it. 

Lost knowledge. 

I am not going to repeat the 200 topics but it is fascinating how dumb the program makes you feel. It is not often I site a program I am watching but this blows your mind. Of course, we all know of the pyramids, but how about a battery that had been ringing a bell since 1800?   


What kind of wizardry is this? My phone cannot last a day on a charge. So seriously, what sort of knowledge have we lost? If we were to try and save our knowledge and pass it on for a thousand years, how would we do it?  

We couldn’t save it in the cloud, books can be destroyed, so can buildings. We could make vaults of “knowledge” and bury them, hide them or mark them. Eventually, everything could be destroyed. Where would our tech be in 1000 years if the world was to flood tomorrow? If the volcanos of the world were to bury us in ash and soot what means could we pass on all the knowledge we have today? From space, medicine, research, tech music, entertainment and so on. How would we store what we know today for people in the future?  

So small. 

Simply put, the program makes me feel small and insignificant. The world has spun round and round for millions of years. If we were to get wiped out tomorrow, every memory we have would be wiped out in an instant.  

Floating through space, all we have left of ourselves, in the end, is the body that we leave behind on this planet. Makes me sad for a moment, yet in the end, it won’t matter one bit. 


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