Are rules meant to be broken?


I recently watched an interview with Nick Kyrgios about the dress code at Wimbledon. This mentality of “I do what I want” is great publicity for him but it is the tip of the iceberg in today’s world. 

Much like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the others, no one forces you to join. You sign up and agree to the terms and conditions.  

If you join a nudist club, I am pretty sure you know the rules. So why are individuals joining clubs, events and platforms and then going on about the rules being unfair or wrong? 

Because you are a star? A Formula One driver is not about to drive without a helmet. Yes, one is for protection and one is our pure attitude and attention-seeking self-entitlement. You get the idea.  

Why have rules? 

Shoplifting and stealing are against the law. Yet people all over the US and Canada walk out of a store with goods every day. No one can run after them and chase them.  

Why have rules in the first place? 

This attitude of breaking rules without consequences is spreading. Not a single person can be disciplined, smacked upside the head and kicked out.  

There will be lawsuits, and social media backlash and the rule maker will be forced to back down. Women-only and men-only places are all challenged for being sexist, racist and so forth. Let them be. See how long they survive. If they do, good for them. Why challenge an establishment such as Wimbledon?  

Unless they are being sexist or racist, they are the rules and if you don’t like it, get out.  

What’s the problem? 

Most of the time this kind of crap is pure promotion. The attitude that I am all that is what is being pushed. Nick Kyrgios is great at self-promotion and allowing youth to disrespect authority.  

By allowing, I of course mean setting an example and a bad one at that. I would respect him so much more if he said, Yup, I am wrong, this event demands respect because it is the be-all of all events. Instead, he pushes his I don’t give a shit attitude and here we are. All his young fanbase looks up to him for breaking the rules and getting fined. Poking fun of, and at the same time degrading the event and the status.  

Setting an example. 

People in positions of power or at least seemingly powerful on social media are all about the outrage. LOOK at me! Look what I can do now that I am famous.  

Usually, the negative aspect of this is what is being promoted. When was the last time you saw a young entitled social media presence come and help an old lady across the street and tweet about that? Oh yes, they give food to the homeless when on camera, what happens when the cameras are off? How about Bruce Springsteen helping out at a homeless shelter in disguise because he wanted to. He got caught doing it. However, he didn’t do it as a publicity stunt. Even if he did, he was clever about it and let people catch him rather than doing it on camera for more fame and fortune. Please let there be a certain amount of discipline and respect in society. We are already falling apart, no reason to keep pushing. 

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