Scolds Bridle

Is that next? 

Well…I came across this a few days ago and I had a thought. Okay, I had many, many thoughts. What crossed my mind was… Is this next? 

What you are seeing is a photo of a contraption called, “Scolds Bridle” A way to keep your woman disciplined back in the 17th century. I mean how demeaning is that? Damn, we are terrible people and then the abortion rights. Is this next? Are we going back that far? 

  • I mean, how far will we set back women’s rights?  
  • How far will we devolve?  
  • How cruel can we be? 

Then I had another thought. A much better thought and one that we should vote on.  

The politicians wearing that? 

How about we do this to the politicians? How about when we catch a politician lying, cheating or misbehaving we make them put one on. We pay them, we elect them, so why the hell not? 

The one inherent problem is that we have no way of knowing the truth anymore. Everything is blurry and all. Let’s put that aside for a minute, dare to dream. How much traction could we get if this were one of the rules?  

We the voting public implement and demand this!  

How about we hold them accountable with our new “modern” way of discipline? While we are at it, why don’t we restrict their sex lives as well and make them wear a chastity belt? We get to say when you have sex and with whom. 

They are taking away women’s rights. Let’s see how they feel. It’s either that or public stoning. Could this be a way to hold accountable lying, cheating and misleading politicians that have not an ounce of decency, and loyalty in their blood.  


This is one of the numerous ways we have treated each other. How far do we go back? How far will the government reach back in the archives of history? 

Already schools are making kids cover up because it is unsafe to show cleavage and skin. Instead of education, we have regulations. Rules are meant to be broken. The more rules you make, the more people feel constrained.  

How about this? If we were all naked all the time we would not care about breasts, vaginas or a penis on TV. If porn was on TV 24/7 no one would care. We would become so desensitized that it wouldn’t matter.  

Saddam Hussein 

The US invaded Iraq over Kuwait, and Afghanistan over the Taliban. Iraq for weapons of mass destruction and Afghanistan against the Taliban. We condemn the Taliban for their treatment of women and yet here we are. Do we poke at the Muslims for covering up? We make a stand for human rights in North Korea and China and yet here we are.  

Look at the torture chambers found in Saddam Hussein’s estate. We condemn him and his people yet we are no different… Get your heads out of the sand. Can we start a petition? Or would that be too inhuman?   

#womensrights #woman


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