Acceptance. Part 5

Too intelligent for peace. 

Yes, we are too intelligent. If we could be simple beings and be happy with whatever happens we would not be barbaric. 

Instead, we reach for more, want more and need more. We strive to be the best first, and most powerful. In the process, we kill each other. 

We are far from accepting. We are lightyears from compassionate without wanting something back. Who does good these days without recording themselves and getting some sort of satisfaction? 

Too smart for our own good. 

We create tricky contracts. Loopholes are explored in ways that they were never meant to be exploited. 

People cheat, steal and lie on the stock exchange to make an extra buck. We are too smart and yet look at how stupid we all are. 

Let’s boycott gas. Let’s not fly anywhere and show the big companies that we mean business. No, instead we complain without action. Show the bully who is boss.   


We tell ourselves that we are in charge of our destiny. Bullshit, we are on a leash. 

So here we have it. We are not in charge. Others are. We don’t forge our own destiny and yet we accept it. 

We accept it all.  

I was preaching how we are not accepting and yet here I am saying how accepting we are. 

We sit back and play dead to the government, the gas companies and phone companies, airlines and unions.  

We allow them to overpower us and accept the gas prices the high electricity costs and above all the uncontrollable government spending.  

I must have lied. 

Did I lie in the previous parts? Did I make up a pile of shit? No, I stated facts and yet here I am stating other facts. Why are we so accepting of an Apple iPhone contract? Because we want it!  

Simple human traits. We turn a blind eye to the world when it does not concern us. We turn a blind eye to evil and murder when it does not hurt us.   

Sadly… We are accepting of all except of each other.  

Be a better boss!

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