Acceptance. Part 4

Why never?  

I could just say, because…. But that would leave my blog very short today. I will say never because we have been at war with ourselves since the beginning of time. 

We have never had peace on the planet and never will unless we all parish. Yet even then. Predators and the food chain will continue to be ruled by one single rule. The rules and the simple idea that the world lives by. We depend on evolution because we cannot depend on religion. Religion itself divides. So, unless we all become the same, peace cannot be had. 

Survival of the fittest. 

Religion or not, it still depends on survival. Even if all religion and religious texts were to vanish. People will find other reasons to hate. 

Survival of the fittest means, wherever or whatever survives wins. But what’s the prize? There is no tangible prize. An ape or lion will fight for the right to mate. Their reign is only there to pass on the strongest genes. Humans are no different. The only variable is that we try hard to be civilized.  

I would get grilled over this.  

To suggest that the “bad” people were lacking the “normal” gene would get me hung. One must admit that they are only a throwback to animalistic behaviour.  

Yet here is the catch. In the wild, they would most likely have been killed off long before they could commit rape, murder or other demeaning acts.  Because they would have been so different, they would have been shunned from the tribe, village or family.  They would have been outcasts and not have had the ability to breed.  

The bully in the school. 

Such would be the bully in the school. The bully would do well if and when the team was around. Yet a real fight would have put him or her in their place.  

Mother Nature did not and does not have the means of separating the weak from the strong.  

This is another topic that would get me grilled. The weakest in society are allowed to live. Not to mean they need to be gotten rid of. But in the animal kingdom, they are either left to die or others will have killed them. No, this is not a popular topic and no, I am not saying we need to act in such a barbaric way. I am preaching acceptance, remember?  

All I am saying is… Because of these animalistic behaviours and the need to breed is so strong we cannot and will not be able to have peace. 

Be a better boss.

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