Acceptance. Part 2

Why are we not forgiving?  

Are there truly such differences between us that we cannot put differences aside? Hard to tell. One day at my plant we had a huge argument break out between a person from Afghanistan and the other from Iraq or Iran I believe.  

They went at it with a pair of scissors and while they didn’t cause any harm to each other it was close. 

The argument broke out over a misunderstanding but was diffused quickly by the people around them. 

Is that it? 

Maybe this world is just one big misunderstanding? Maybe we get our communication and wires crossed at times and this developed anger? 

I know in Indonesia the language is simple and there are simple phrases that sound rude in English but are not in the local language. 

The phrase “would you like some more” translates to “you want again, or simply, “you want?” 

To a person in a bad mood or someone having a bad day, this could be quite a shock. 

You want, as opposed to a polite would you like some more can cause a fight. 

Such was the case with the two middle eastern people. They were partners in packaging and worked together all the time. But one spark started a fire. 

Can we not see? 

Life would be so simple if we as individuals would put our differences, egos and pride aside for a minute. 

Acceptance and the idea of acceptance are like this… 

ac· cep· tance | \ ik-ˈsep-tən(t)s 

Definition of acceptance 

: the quality or state of being accepted or acceptable 

His theories have gained widespread acceptance. 

: the act of accepting something or someone: the fact of being accepted: APPROVAL 

acceptance of responsibility 

law: an agreeing either expressly or by conduct to the act or offer of another so that a contract is concluded and the parties become legally bound 

: the act of accepting a time draft or bill of exchange for payment when due according to the specified terms 

: an accepted draft or bill of exchange 

If we were to understand the simple meanings within the definitions above, we could have peace. 

This sounds so overly simple and yet we cannot even accept our next-door neighbor because they are a different skin color or the smell of their cuisine. 

Stop it. 

Could we educate the young and teach the old? No, I don’t believe we can because of outside forces. 

Yes, we could teach them if they were aware that they need to be more understanding and accepting.  

They would not be asked to like nor embrace the other party. They would be asked to accept the other party, that’s all. That is the hurdle that I feel we could no longer cross. 

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