Acceptance. Part 1  

You don’t have to like it.   

I rant about things that irk me. However, I strongly feel that my rants are different from acceptance.   

The government wasting money pisses me off to no avail. Yet the transgender dude dressed like a woman is his choice, not hers. Yes, his and not hers… I also feel strongly about that. I don’t have to like it, yet I need to accept it.   

This is where society does a complete faceplant. Yes, the ones you see in memes and the shorts you watch on YouTube. You know, the ones where people walk into poles and lakes or into the path of moving cars.  

Why are people so up in arms?  

Long ago but not so long ago, I worked with a group of gay individuals. This was quite a while ago in Indonesia. Indonesia is a Muslim country and not exactly a benchmark for LGBTQ+. However, no matter how you tried to stir up shit they were accepting of the gay organization.   

No, they do not approve, but they accept.   

This is my point… Why do we fight over religion and race? Why do we not accept it? People are different, they always and forever will be. Yet why are we so damn thick-headed that we cannot, will not and do not accept others?   

It’s all in the propaganda.  

Someone yells I hate _ _ _ _ _. Then they back it up with something, most likely false. People hop on the bandwagon. Following is easier than making up their minds.  


I had this conversation with a client of mine just the other day. I told him, “I trust everyone until there is a reason not to” Have we all been burnt by a deal? Have we all been told that “I don’t do business with them because…” That’s hearsay.  

I would rather find out for myself and take it from there. Yet, when most people hear something bad about someone, what do we do? We pre-judge them, we walk into a situation with prejudice.  

This is why cops are killing people all over the United States. They prejudge the situation. And hell no, I am not defending them. But they are up in arms over nothing and turn into assholes because they are already wound up.  

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