Letter to God

Please come by. 

No hate, it’s all in good fun… In part 6, I promised to believe in God, if God would come and spend some time with his over 7 billion children. I assume that with that many rotten little kids there will be a few million runts in that litter.  

Speaking of runts, Hitler, Trump, Saddam Hussain, and Kim Jong-Un, the list is too long.  

Qin Shi Huang, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan  

Queen Mary I (aka Bloody Mary), Vladimir Lenin, Timurid Empire, Vlad the Impaler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Mao Zedong, and General Idi Amin. 

Those are some and there are more. Surely God could see all the terrible things the children did in the playground! Come on now, let’s get some law and order here since we sure can’t seem to get it right!  

If not now, when? 

Look my old dude in heaven. We passed the COVID test, we survived, nice try at the population control by the way. We seemed to have managed, even though we are not sure if it was caused by bats, the Chinese or the Americans and the CDC. But we get a passing grade right? 

I mean we wore masks, behaved well for a couple years and we deserve a break. Like candy, gold or diamonds? Money in our bank accounts and maybe a stop to the war? 

Oh but you must be upset because of the court rulings? Yes, it’s in your children’s favour, right? I mean the more of us little rotten kids there are on the planet the more followers you must have. 

I got it now!  

That’s it, it’s all about the followers. You must love social media and maybe, just maybe you and Mark Zuckerberg have a plan. I bet you came up with the thumbs-up icon and, and, and the heart symbol?  

It all makes sense. I mean you are about the followers and all. Why else would you let us invent the internet and all the apps to have likes, follows and shares?  

It all went sideways in a big way! 

God please, I mean it had to be you. All the evidence is religion based. You created all these platforms to spread the word, yet we used them for porn. Good job, well done, that was a major fail. You still have time to fix it and fix the mistakes of your children. Put an end to starvation, mass killings and mental illness.  

Oh God, you Devil, we got you on this one. Please while you are at it… If I may ask a personal favour. I would love it if you would allow my mom to send a message to me. Just to let me know that she is alright up there and as for the rest of the world? Please save us from ourselves. Amen. 

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