Let it be…

Let it be.

This blog is brought to you by the abortion ban/time travel and the new rulings from the greatest country in the world! This one is a little rough so hang on!  

Let it be, let it be. 

I guess the Beatles had it right all along. Let it be. Let it freaking be, will you just let it be? I cannot comprehend why the world is so F%cked up.  

I may or may not agree with the LGBTQ movement Transgender people or Gay/Lesbian organizations. Nor do I need to agree with any of the pronouns people use or want me to use. I do not have to and neither do you.  

We need to mind our own business, let people identify as a potato, and have their genitals removed or not. For all I care, you can run around naked, dress like a man or woman.  

Why oh, why? 

Why do we need to make a big deal of this? Why do we need to make a big deal of any of this?  Why can we not let people be? The recent ruling from the US pissed me off and billions of people across the planet agree.  

Why do old shitheads have to poke their heads and noses where they do not belong? What business is of theirs what women or men do? Don’t go all religious on them or me because whether they are or not, it won’t matter. If they are religious let God judge them on the way up. If they are not then so be it.  

You, not you personally but the Government cannot and should not be playing God! They are not almighty or all-powerful.  

Let people be. 

If you want to lob off your penis and become a woman… go for it. Go ahead and lob off your sausage and be happy. However, do not stuff your agenda down my throat or anyone else’s. I don’t care and neither should the damn government.  

This new ruling is and will be detrimental to the government and to women across the US. What does not make sense is… It’s none of their business. Sure, we need rules, but to overturn a ruling that has been around for half a century is surely that of people with an agenda! 

Wake up, it’s 2022 and men dress as women. They, them and whatever and people marry horses, dogs and dolls. It’s a messed-up world so don’t go around trying to impose your will on others. 

The bottom line is… We do not all like brussels sprouts, broccoli or meat. Don’t go telling others that they have to. Let people be, if it bothers you, that’s your problem and not the other person.  

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