Project-X. Part 3

I am fed up with governments. 

The rant continues with… The amount of red tape, rules and regulations the government is spewing out. Look at the millions and millions of government employees eating away our tax dollars. They eat it and shit it out in the forms of policy, policing and wasted projects, all because they want to make our lives better? 

Pissing away money and pouring millions into weapons, secret government projects and men in black suits.  

The stupidity of transgender movements. The illegality of abortions in certain states and the non-existing gun control laws that are being held up. Wanna argue, let’s go… Get in the ring and see what the hell goes down.  

Waste of time and effort. 

Why is it that we as regular citizens cannot do a thing about high gas prices? High ticket costs from the airlines and the waste in government?  

We vote for one dude who says he will fix things. The next thing you know, things are worse than ever. He lied only to get elected and be the same…  

Here comes the old boss, the same as the new boss.  

Name a few incredible things that governments have done for us. Nothing? Nothing changes for the better. Everything they touch turns to crap and waste. Where is the accountability? Where is the legitimacy of the elected official?  

What a mess! 

The world is said to have secret societies, the Illuminati and the Freemasons. Are they benefiting from turning the race into stupid fools with regulations and laws? Eventually, one day this world will revolt against all irresponsible governments and create a war that we have never seen before.  

Not the world wars that we have had, not the war with Russia and Ukraine but a revolt of stressed out, abused humans that we are being turned into.  

There is no truth anymore. 

Every bit of information needs to be double-checked and fact-checked. But checked against what? How do you know the truth? Because one website or one book says so? How do we know which source is right?  

How do we know that all of the information is not false, to begin with? Sure we can use common sense. But sometimes the information seems so legit that we believe it and take a stand on it. This is what causes fights to break out in a bar. I am confused, please help. 

John Doe vs Evil

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