Project-X. Part 2

Get rid of the #internet

Yes, take it all down. I am sick and tired of instant gratification and seeing fake ads, fake news and fake boobs. Ok, not the latter but everything else must go!  

I know, I know… It won’t happen because the porn industry that props up the backbone of the internet would revolt. There would be stiff penalties that would be hard to impose and erecting more firewalls would be futile. There is no stopping horny men…  

While I think the internet should go, it won’t. How about we get rid of smartphones, dumb phones, smart TVs and dumb TVs? 

Yup, no Snapchat for you! 

I may see a problem here… Am I alone in this quest. No, this is not a quest, it’s merely a test. I am seeing how many people are absolutely fed up with the way we see the world. We all view it on a small screen that fits in the palm of our hand and causes chaos.  

People tracking people. People recording people and of course blackmailing each other with racy photos of each other and sending trolls to troll accounts etc. You see how we are doing more and more damage to each other and we call it smart tech? 

Too fast yah… 

The world is moving too quickly, our tech is no longer our tech. Everything you do is seen and posted somewhere. Someone is collecting your data, tracking your movements and so on.  

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Somewhere out in the inter-webs, there is a study that shows this amazing fact. We pesky little humans perform best as a society if we all lived in a small town of about 150 people.  

We could get along, and have friends and there would be no need for this bullshit place of fast-moving tech that consumes our every waking hour.  

Imagine, no work emails? 

Oh, how nice would it be to be back in the age of the rotary phone? The days when paper files were on your desk and you couldn’t take home a flash drive and google drive was not a thing.  

The good old days of living a “normal” life. When people didn’t fall off cliffs taking selfies…  

All the tech could go into saving the planet rather than destroying it. We scour the earth for minerals to put into our smartphones. We extend the lives of humans… We should go back in time when the average age of a human was 65. We could have a billion or so fewer people on the planet. We would all die sooner, I would most likely not be able to complain about this and you may not be here to read me complaining. Next, the GOVERNMENT. 

John Doe vs Evil

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