Project-X. Part 1

Social media is today’s butterfly effect

What we see and hear. 

We have all seen it, read it, and experienced it. It catches your eyes as clickbait. 

You see the headline:  

Alien craft seen in Mexico! 

The stock market is crashing! 

Elon Musk dies of cancer! 

Michael Jackson was spotted fondling himself! 

Jesus was spotted walking across the pond! 

A grandmother is 201, and runs marathons! 

Yes, you get the idea. The problem here is this. You fart right now and you can tell anyone and everyone halfway around the world. They can tweet it out and millions of people may or may not react to it.  

This is the modern social media butterfly effect. You know how it works, a butterfly flaps its wings and creates a small amount of wind and the wind blows the leaf of a tree. The next thing you know, Russia is launching a nuke! If you don’t get it, watch the movie, look it up, you need to. 

The thing is… 

The problem with information travelling at the speed of the internet is that not all of it is true. To re-call such news becomes impossible. Spotting a large furry bear that looks like a Sasquatch is far easier to believe than a man out for Halloween.  

Here’s the thing. Back in the day, a messenger would run like hell, holding a piece of paper. “Sir, sir a man spotted a large hairy animal over the ridge in the North County” The editor of the newspaper printed this and after printing realizes… The man spotted was uncle Buck who lived in a cave and had not shaved or showered for 50 years.  

But the newspaper has only 100 subscribers and the nearest town is 50 miles away. So the news didn’t travel very far. Today that “news” would butterfly effect on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Large ape-like figure spotted over, blah, blah, blah… 

Do you see where I am going with this? News travels too fast and never runs out of steam. The messenger is you and I and we send messages, and photo’s to all our friends. This cycle and continuous bombardment of information can send the planet into a tailspin. 

One tweet can crash stocks, tank businesses and or make people tons of money in a matter of seconds.  

News and information travel far too quickly for our human brains to comprehend. Even when we see a news article that is true and complete with all the facts, we sensationalize the parts we like.  

We are such simple creatures that this butterfly effect can take the world by storm as it does every day.  

The fake news. 

This is a big problem. Lies, lies and more lies are the only way people can hear. Look at Trump… Ok, I’ll stop. But you get the idea.  

So how can we stop this?  

Take down the internet… Case closed. Let’s go back to living like the Amish and we would all be better off than to see another cat pic on Facebook and another stripper on TikTok. Oh, and yeah get rid of all the influencers and yes, the blogs I am writing. Sigh… The world is complicated, we shouldn’t be.  

Joh Doe vs Evil

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