#abortion This is not OK!

#abortion The state of America 

I need to and I must touch upon the recent abortion bans in America. A place where guns, racism and to state it simply… Idiotic politics are now the norm. The use of any and all forms of common sense have been thrown out the window.  

This decision to take away the rights of women is appalling, disgusting and brutal. How can a society that deemed itself to be “modern” be in such a terrible state? How can the simple-minded people of America let this happen? How can any American standby and watch this all go down?  

This should be the reason to storm Washington DC.   

The people accountable for this should be the ones carrying an unwanted baby. They should be the ones who are raped or fallen ill. Their decisions do not impact them, yet they impact millions of others. Aren’t there enough fatherless children around already? Aren’t they going to be a burden on a system of healthcare, infrastructure, crime and families?  

The unwanted. 

What happens to the children of rapists? How is a woman/mother to look at that child and see the face of a rapist grow up before her very eyes? How can we ask a mother as such to take care of, love and tend to a child she didn’t want? She is being gifted a baby? No, did she ask to be raped? No, no, no! So why bother with such insanity.  

It angers me to see a society that is so God damn STUPID! 

Are these simple questions not enough to halt the government? A murderer can get off with reasonable doubt of their crime. Yet the one that commits a crime is not held accountable and their babies cannot be aborted? In that case why hold them accountable to the crime of rape if the result of the rape is a child?  

Imagine if, all pro-life people should be given an unwanted child. Well, that won’t happen but Imagine if it did. Could you see the outrage among them? Oh no, well I didn’t take on this sort of commitment, yet we ask mothers all over the USA to do so! 

How can you love? 

Love, from a mother to a child. An unbreakable bond. Even on death row after committing murder and other unspeakable crimes a woman/mother can and does love their children. Yet here were are in this unthinkable state.  

Will the rapist of a woman be forced to pay child support for the non-aborted baby?  

Asking a woman to love a child that she hates. Will she grow to love the child? Will she commit suicide knowing that this thing, this unwanted living thing is inside her? It is of alien origin. Impregnated under false pretenses. Drunk, drugged, raped or even consensual. Nothing seems to be off the books to these selfish, entitled, snobbish assholes in government and the senate. To pass laws on to folks that can barely speak for themselves and now to mute them under such discriminating laws is not what the so-called greatest country in the world should be based on. 

John Doe vs Evil

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