Influenced influencers. Part 8

The good and the bad. 

We all know how social media works. Someone posts about something and people may or may not rush to buy the product or service.  

Be careful who you promote. Money isn’t everything. Associate yourself with the person and the business. They may offer you great money for a one-shot deal and yet they may make a mess of the product or service you recommend.  

I worked for a property company once… It didn’t last long. How could that be you say? Well, we created content, we created the posts and all was well. 

All was well until… 

Let’s just say that one day at a meeting I noticed some strange behaviour from the client. I will not mention his name or the company name. But let us say that the one day we met, he seemed to have some baby powder on his nose.  

Except it was not baby powder or icing sugar. I thought long and hard for a moment and realized very quickly that he didn’t have a baby and he didn’t just eat a donut with icing sugar.  

Run like the wind. 

In such a circle where everyone knows every else, I could no longer see myself or the company associating with this person. For his company, we created blogs, updated his website and rebranded the company.  

The project itself was great. We learned so much and created a fantastic new look and feel for a very outdated company.  

I ran like the wind for several reasons. One was the drug use… Two the association with the brand and above all, I didn’t want to be associated with him. To top this off, he was not treating his staff very well and it was only a matter of time until it came down to me/us. 

Due diligence… 

Live and learn right? As far as the normal influencers go, taking photos and posting is not always enough. Having tons of followers whether you bought them or earned them, how you keep them is up to you.  

If you are flaunting all you’ve got in your thong and it’s working, make sure you plan for the beer belly and wrinkles. The same goes for your brand and business. Create a strategy, and create the look and feel for your brand so people want to be associated with you. Do your due diligence on others as they will do theirs on you. 

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