Influenced influencers. Part 3

Almost got banned on Medium. 

Are you a blogger? Do you write? Do you voice your opinion? I get it, I get it. I offended a few people with an article I dared to write. While I was serious about the title, it had to be taken with a grain of salt. I offended a pile of snowflakes and the Medium platform deemed it to be “hateful”.  Actually, they didn’t, the complainers did.  

I honest to goodness didn’t mean to offend but so it was. If you look through all my blogs, I am sure you will not find a hateful one, because I am not a hateful person. Except for one exception… IKEA! Read John Doe vs Evil for more on that battle. So yes, I can say I hate IKEA. Other than that, I don’t hate much. One more thing, celery, yes I hate that. If you identify as celery, I apologize in advance. That’s it, I love you, you and yes even you. Yes, even you even though you smell.  


I am not hateful, but Medium says so, so I must be right? Because 2 (precious snowflakes) people complained and they wrote to me as well. They claimed that I don’t understand the transgender community. They were right… How can I fully understand something that I am not?  

I am a straight white male with a girlfriend, yet no one can claim to understand me. I could be very different under my skin. I could be identifying as a pickle… I could have phobias and nasty habits.  

When it comes to shit like this, I can understand the outrage, hate and dislike. Yet we are all entitled to our opinions. Hence there wouldn’t be millions/billions of bloggers out there, right? Many comedians and many individuals voice actual hate speech online and on social media platforms.  

Do I apologize? 

No, because I don’t need to. Same reason you don’t need to apologize for being you. You are you and you have as much right as I have every right to voice your opinion. Others do not have to like it, read it or even acknowledge it.  

So why the hate? Because they do not know me. They do not know that my dry sense of humour and my outlook on life or smart remarks are just that. Why don’t the comedians apologize after a joke? They don’t apologize before the joke? They say shit that would make your skin crawl and yet it is funny.  

That’s life… 

People must have tons of time on their hands… So many people will write long letters of hate. But how many write long letters of praise? How many people will reach out and tell you how much they enjoyed the blog?  

Nope, none. 

But let me post something that remotely offends them or they think it should offend them, then they need that long letter. They need to let you know that they do not love you but hate you in long form. Not the short form of you are an idiot.  But the long 3-4 paragraph letter on how they do not agree and I don’t understand the point of something. Oh, I do understand, more than you think. I only choose to write about it so I can hear from morons such as them.  

I got a long-form hate letter! Woohoo!  

John Doe vs Evil

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