Influenced, influencers. Part 1

Let’s all be influencers!

The other day at an average Starbucks, I saw a young couple walk in and document the whole process of buying two drinks. After the drinks were placed on the counter, the young lady sort of somewhat undid her top a little and her boyfriend or friend snapped a pic of her. The top being undone was because she must have been feeling warm. I mean it is Bali after all and it is hot out. Or maybe she had a fever, that must be it. Maybe she had COVID and was feeling hot, hot, hot.

Or it may possibly have been for a few extra likes? Who am I kidding? It must have been bloody warm in her bosom and she needed some air. No, it had to be for likes, I think…

Let’s all be influenced by influencers! 

Why not? We are all influencers. In a way we are, we do influence, right? The only problem is, that not all of us get paid. Let me correct that, we are all influencers but very few of us get paid. The problem here, as I see it, is that all young people want to be the next big thing. Posing for photos anywhere. The issue I see here is… This drive for the next best photo by billions of cell phone owners. I doubt she was trying to achieve anything else but a nice post at Starbucks. She is not going to be the next big thing…

Why bother?

There is only one reason… You just never know. I will say that for one reason only… A close family member of mine, my son, was seen posting many years ago now on Instagram. He ended up getting a job out of it at the age of 13 and a half! Yes, he was hired by a high-end wheel shop in Ontario Canada and to this day, many years later he still works there. 

This is not the norm. Sure, millions of people are out there trying their luck. He wasn’t, he was only making content for fun with a cheap camera and Go-pro. Being lucky is part of the game, being good at what you do is another. Often, being lucky is also being good. Professional people, do recognize talent. Influencers that are good photographers will generally have more likes and followers. Why? Because they are good.

Being good at it.

What is social media anyway? Today it is a tool to get business, awareness and fame. Fame? It depends on what you post and the timing of it all. On my other blog platform, I posted a certain thought of mine on the LGBT community and transgender people in general. Let’s just say I happened to get the wrong sort of boost on my opinion. So there are several ways to be famous. 

The Kardashian way, the Paris Hilton way or actually being good at something besides blow-jobs. Good luck to you all.

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