Monkey brain. Part 1 

Trying to blog every day is not easy. Anyone that writes will struggle with the daily topic and or ideas. It truly isn’t difficult but does take some doing. I believe the Buddhists call people whose thoughts, ideas and general conversations are all over the place, “Monkey Brain”. So there, I said it, maybe I suffer from Monkey Brain.  

Do you suffer from Monkey Brain or is it ADHD? No, I have never been diagnosed with ADHD and with my ability to focus on topics for hours on end I doubt I have ADHD. 

Random thoughts… 

As I did a whole series on Random Thoughts, that weren’t truly random this is. It’s is something I do all the time. I could be in the middle of doing one thing and that one thought triggers a pile of other thoughts that lead to more thoughts.  

These random thoughts need to come out and they do. Usually, I have my phone near me and I jot them down. They could be related to what I am working on, or totally unrelated and just an idea triggered by something I wrote, or not.  

What do you do? 

So now that, that’s out of the way, back to the Monkey Brain with family. Oh yes, this is a thing. When we had our family business, my dad and my brother could sit in a room and brainstorm.   

Whoever else may have happened to be in the room couldn’t follow along. It was as if fireworks went off in the room and we would run with a topic of construction, production or whatever.  

We were not psychic, though I wish I were, imagine all the things I could do. I don’t quite believe in that stuff, yet here were off on a tangent with all intentions of returning to the family Monkey Brain.  


So as our discussions would carry on we would eventually end when nearly all possibilities and areas of that topic were discussed. We beat to death the potential of one thing and ended up with something else that was agreed upon.  

To an innocent bystander, we would have seemed very upset, nuts, argumentative and probably severely chaotic. This happens when people work together for a long time and mesh/gel in a way that thoughts are interchangeable and understood almost like Leap-Frog. You know the game Leap-Frog when you jump over each other… Oh, go look it up… The point is that I feel… Monkey Brain is an amazing thing to have… Now if you have a Chimpanzee brain, well, I feel sorry for you. 

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