Creating good employees. Part 15 

Moving forward as a team. 

In part 14 I mentioned about the ownership of ideas. Having an idea or coming up with great ideas is amazing. I had so many ideas that I thought were amazing, but… Not everyone thought so.  

A great example of this was at the family business where even though we owned the business, we needed to make sure the supervisors understood the ideas.  

There was no better way to bring them on board than to show them. This is one aspect of any business that a boss should be able to do. You must be able to stand behind your claims. When we made product changes and reduced piecework times I was able to perform the job within the allowed time. Stand behind your work, idea or claims with proof. 

Speak softly. 

Another great aspect of a good boss in my eyes the one who is always on an even keel. Being known for staying calm under pressure and keeping an even tone at all times gives others confidence. Yet if that boss, the one who is calm yells at someone one day, they know the shit has hit the fan. 

The boss who always screams and yells and puts people down is a scared dog. There is no right or merit for screaming and yelling. If that is the case, find another job.  

Speaking in a calm manner also dictates authority and calmness and provides others with a better lane of communication. Since communication is key, your job, business and future depend on it.  

Let’s communicate. 

Being a good boss and creating great employees can only come when people communicate.  

Just because there is a boss or a CEO they should not be above anyone and looked upon as Gods.  

No boss is above anyone else in reality. They may be above you by title but not above you in any other way. The janitor, the cook, the security guard and you are all the same just performing a different job. The cogs in the wheel of life and the cogs in the company itself should have no hierarchy. As parts of a car must work together so must the company.  

Most people forget that they are part of so much more. From morning coffee to the bus or Uber ride, to the contribution to society, you are part of something so much bigger.  

Look at the big picture. 

Most people forget and often feel small. Most people do not realize that we are floating in space on this marble of ours. So look up at the skyscrapers, look around at the beauty of this planet and forgive the things that do not necessarily work.  

Look at the big picture and see how you fit in. Often people get stuck in a rut, they stay still and are afraid to move forward. It could be your job, your personal life. Look at the big picture and see if you are where you thought you would be. Career and personal choices go hand in hand. Be the boss of your life and be the person you wish to be.  


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