Creating good employees. Part 13 

Who have you hurt? 

How many times has your decision or indecision hurt someone in life or business? How many times did you know 100% that you could have done something amazing if you had only stepped up and done the right thing? Did the thing that your gut told you to do but missed that opportunity?  

Maybe it was in a cash lane when a little old lady didn’t have the extra 5 bucks to buy something? Maybe it was something simple like telling someone that they had toilet paper stuck to their shoes. Or it could be something as simple as a “Hey you look amazing today” Who have you indirectly hurt by not telling them that they did a great job? That’s the point I am trying to make. You could have helped yet indirectly hurt that intern by not telling them how good a job they did. 

Why is it so difficult? 

Why are humans so self-centred and obnoxious to others. We all wish to be treated nicely. Yet we do not treat others the way we wish to be treated, but we all expect others to treat us nicely. This is a revolving door that we could spin positivity on vs negativity. A simple hello and a smile can brighten someone’s day.  

A box of donuts at work can send spirits soaring and maybe even create a sugar rush for an extra boost in the morning. Just make sure you have coffee as well on standby when the sugar rush turns into sleepy staff.  

Giving a little. 

A great workplace is not only doing the work and getting paid for it. A great workplace creates or rather should create a positive nurturing environment. A team of people all pulling the cart in the same direction. An orchestra playing that wonderful symphony not a single member is out of step or out of tune.  

This takes a tremendous amount of effort. This takes foresight and knowledge. But not the university background, several degrees type knowledge.  

Reading people. 

So many “stupid” people graduate from all kinds of schools and educational facilities every day. Stupid is a strong word. Let’s call it something else. Let’s call them book smart and not stupid. Reading and learning are one thing, but having intelligence is another. Being able to fit into a workplace and being able to read people and cater to them accordingly is on another level.  

Everyone must fit in… In some way, shape or form we conform to a place. We take baby steps until we can eventually tip-toe our way into a group where we can then be ourselves. Expose our true selves so to speak.  

This is where leaders and a people person can help. They can sense this easing in and can greatly help with simple introductions and kind words. 

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