Creating good employees. Part 12

The helicopter view.

Most of us do not own one. Most of us do not need one. However, at times the helicopter view will be as close as anyone will get to a crystal ball. 

None of us can see the future and as much as I would love to trust a palm reader or tarot cards… Well, I am afraid that it is not going to cut it. 

Sometimes the company must be seen for what it is. It must be looked at from an overhead view. A map of how things are or are not moving forward. Where the bottlenecks are and where improvements can be made.


This is one of the many downfalls of business. Every day there is an opportunity for improvement. These improvements cannot and must not be confused with rules or SOP.

We cannot live on an SOP. We must be able to use our brains as well as be guided. An SOP is just that. A Standard Operating Procedure. However, if there is one and only one case where it may not fit or be out of line it does not mean it is wrong. 

Our SOP was to have payments twice a week. Tuesday and Thursday. Our boss himself would break this regularly because he wanted a down payment on some things immediately. He had every right to do so. The SOP remained in place for all others and sometimes accounting argued that “we only pay on Tuesday and Thursday”. Well the boss, your boss wants it now to lock in the deal. 

Common sense. 

Oh for the love of God why do we all not have this sense? It should be common and it should be one of your senses. Everyone knows that Friday afternoons would be the worst time to schedule a meeting, make a payment or schedule an important phone call. So why do it? 

Ok, so a terrible boss may schedule one to piss people off and hold them late. But would it be worth it? Ours did, and he was an asshole at times because he didn’t care. Did it pay off in the end? Of course not because all he did was build resentment and people would do less or screw him where they could for being a jerk. Please, please use your common sense and your gut instinct in everyday life. 

Back to the view.

The helicopter view and common sense can pull together a very wide variety of improvements in a company. Leniency and going that extra mile to make things smooth mean so much to individuals and clients/customers alike. 

How often has a headline come across of airlines standing by certain policies and SOP to their detriment? Eventually, buckling to public outrage and looking awful to the world? Too many to mention I am afraid and this comes down to the lack of empathy, common sense and downright stupidity. In the end, they lost a battle that they could have come out of as a hero. Look at the big picture and look at small improvements every day. 


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