Creating good employees. Part 11 

Blame the boss. 

Most problems will arise from the top. Irrational decisions, ego and personal gain will be the culprits. At some point, the “boss” can lose sight of the world and think that they are the king of the castle.  

This is when the team will no longer matter to them.  Their ego and longstanding in the company can be positive or detrimental.  

The boss should be a boss for a reason… They should be good leaders, supportive colleagues and the ones with the vision. They could or should have a business-first attitude. Yet they must not lose sight of the world and the people around them. 

This is the downfall.  

I cleaned toilets and swept the floors when our business started. I am not sure that many of the top CEOs or bosses can say that. Remember where you came from, remember how you struggled and relate to those around you.  

Money is the game here… But it isn’t everything. Power and greed rule the world. But it shouldn’t. A little goes a long way. A helping hand or a small token of appreciation can be the boost everyone needs at a struggling company. At a successful one, the extra gestures and positive attitude will only encourage those around you. When things are not moving forward… 

Blame the boss and then work backwards.  

How can this be you ask? It is easy. When the company is failing, struggling or having a hard time, the boss gets the big bucks to be the fixer.  

The company may have missed the boat on some innovative technology and is playing catchup. A product or a product launch went sideways and now the profits and business are dwindling. One cannot blame the janitor, the purchaser or the team if all ideas were passed through to the boss. Sure, the team must have failed somewhere but the execution of the brand, and the company will lay in the boss’s hands.  

They are the ones overlooking the whole team, the entire outfit and if they are not seeing the faults in the process they need to take a second look.  

Laziness or complacency  

We all get caught with our pants down once in a while. We all get too comfortable in places, relationships or business. The boss on the other hand cannot. Not unless they are pulling back and relinquishing some of the major responsibilities to others who are entrusted with certain tasks.  

Market research for products could alleviate the stress from the design teams or creative teams but that is only research. Full-blown ideas and products must be developed. If laziness or complacency kicks in, others will come and overrun you. The boss is the boss for this reason. They must have a helicopter view for the business to succeed.  

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