Creating good employees. Part 10 

Getting the job done!

This is often the most important thing in a workplace. Someone drops the ball. An individual calls in sick and the show must go on. In this company, the show had to go on.  

While the company was and is micromanaged to an intolerable level… The job gets done even with the disorganized chaos that happens each day. I was not a consultant here, I was part of the system.  

A very broken, very totalitarian, dictatorship of a system…  

If I knew then, what I know today, “Covid” excluded from that knowledge I may never have made the move. But then I would not be writing about this particular endeavour. Also, I would not have done so many other things. Shit happens and everything happens for a reason.  

The dictator.  

After having been brought in to fix the internals of this massive company… I quickly found out that no one had a job here. Everyone had several jobs and yet it seemed that everyone had their jobs done by others.  

This particular company was and is so layered and jobs are so covered up that half the employees could be and should be dismissed.  

That is not the point. The employees are the point and this was a place that brewed bad employees. It was and is a cesspool of excuses, absent-mindedness and disorganization all because of the way this company is run.  

The boss! 

While the job gets done in nearly all companies, the what, where and how of it all is where the buck stops…  

Imagine a healthy wealthy company that could and should tweak its systems. Do not wait to blame your staff for the inadequacies and inefficiencies that you as a boss have created. Instead, imagine a good or bad company having its internals cleaned and serviced. It is the only way to truly know how good your staff is.  

I do not blame the workers, I blame the leaders. 


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