Creating good employees. Part 8 

Making changes.  

Suppose there has been consulting done as mentioned and reported by a consultant or an individual. “What to do next?” is the big question. It is all in the hands of management. Does investment need to be made into new tech?  

A simple example here: 8 people and 8 computers. Working 8 hours a day at 50% efficiency because the computers would render for 4 hours a day. The computers were slow, yes this is a true example.  

50% of the time the employee played on their phones because they had to watch the computer in case it crashed. A simple time study and a very simple equation would show that half the employees and new computers were the solutions.  

In my case, this was presented and never acted on. You can lead a horse to water… It made no difference to me, my job was done. However simple things like this can make a big difference in the bottom line of a company. Imagine such inefficiencies in several departments.  

How do the employees benefit? 

This question is easy, yet hard if you have hard-headed members on your staff. The biggest hurdle is fear. How will this affect me? How will I adjust and will I need to change my ways? Do I need to do things differently? It’s all about me, me, me

We want our break at 10 am but let’s say we need to change it to 9:45 am. A simple 15-minute change will cause massive problems. However, it may help people be on time or leave at a less busy time as far as bus routes or traffic. 

These stupid simple examples are what can cause heated arguments in the workplace. Not one but two separate companies I adjusted start times to better accommodate employee needs. We all left 30 minutes earlier and avoided traffic.  

Happy people/employees 

Small changes can raise morale in a workplace. Good morale means happy people and better performance. Much like buying comfortable chairs for people to sit in. If your staff is tired, sore and grumpy, an investment in good chairs and better posture could be your saving grace.  




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