Creating good employees. Part 6

Where do we start? 

Start at the beginning… That would be the correct answer. Often, changes are not made within a company because: 

Positions may need to be shuffled. 

The owner/CEO could be at fault. 

Senior people may not be happy. 

Noses will be out of joint. 

Feathers will be ruffled.  

Asses will be kicked. 

HR is incompetent.  

There could be so many reasons for procrastination but in the end, there needs to be a beginning. Having completed a few stints in a consulting position this is where some big problems arise. Fights and arguments can and will break out. People will be upset because they fear the outcome. This should not be the case and that fear shows weakness.  

When someone is looking in from the outside, the company’s secret or not-so-secret inadequacies and inefficiencies will be discovered. This could be efficiencies, systems, overlapping production, and crisscrossing of employees. There may be unsafe working conditions, repetitive tasks and so forth. 

The money… 

When looking at any internal issues, we need to focus on the money. The waste, the possible gains and the efficiencies or lack thereof. People use S.W.O.T. to analyze themselves, however, these tasks are completed by the employees from within the company. They are already blinded by the trees. They cannot see the forest for the trees.  

This is where things get interesting and often out of hand internally.  

This is when the consultant becomes hated. The truth or the lies from within are uprooted. The root cause of the problem will clearly be found and changes should be made.  

This simple version of dark secrets and hidden red tape will slowly rise to the top. On many occasions, it is not the fault of the employees but rather poor systems or poor communication from within.  

But we have done it this way for… 

The best and most common answer is, “We have always done it this way”. That is the correct answer because there is no one looking in on your sorry ass to tell you otherwise.  

This is the fault of the business, management, owner/CEO and not that of the employee. This new explorative consulting need not be feared. This should be embraced because it will bring positive results. 

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