Creating good employees. Part 5 

Creating the dream team. 

Do not forget. The only way people’s noses will not be out of joint when hiring new team members is when there is a strong team. A good team will recognize that they need a new associate or an upgrade to the next level.  

This can be done internally if the talent is there. If more sales, social media and marketing are needed because your team cannot keep up, or this is a new role, you need to make sure you fill the position.  

The team needs to know that it is not “that” they are not doing a good job. They need to know that social media for example is a way to make the company more visible to the public or other businesses. This needs to be expressed clearly when your ass is getting kicked by your competition online or in e-commerce. 


Maybe your company needs a very quick point to pivot and turn on. Take one of your staff that does not know much about social media but has the product knowledge to guide a new member. Let them express what is lacking to quickly launch an attack on social media with a certain budget in mind. 

Bringing on new members can only be done with an open willing mind. One cannot take on a role with a closed, ignorant careless attitude. This will fail from step one and such ventures need to be monitored so the benefit is seen by all.  

Ultimately the boss/leader/CEO or the owner rules but, they need to see the team from a helicopter view.   

The big picture. 

Once the players are on the pitch they need to know that each member has support and that calling out for a pass or a time out is ok. Even when the team is playing, a huddle can be called to make sure this is the correct direction. Assess the competition, do a double check.   

Maybe the ship needs to be steered to the left or the right due to recent market, social or economic conditions. A bad decision is better than no decision. Any decision can be corrected and yes, it may cost money now but save money down the road.  

What is really needed? 

A good coach is what’s needed. The bottom line is that a fish stinks from the head down. If the head stinks or the company is on the wrong path it will rarely succeed.  

It is the job of the team to also report and communicate openly, honestly and respectfully when the direction seems to be off. Everyone should be able to ask why openly. Not with backlash and anger but with curiosity and concern. Why are we spending funds here when we are already spending it there. Why are we retreating when we could be attacking?  

A good boss depends on their team and a good team depends on their coach. Establishing this balance is not easy. Creating the perfect team may never happen. However, fielding the best team you are capable of and coaching them can happen. 

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