Creating good employees. Part 4 

Who will guide and support?  

This is the fail, the ultimate fail when it comes to hiring staff. Once a person is hired, they are left to fend for themselves. Do you have the support system in your organization to bring those people to the next level? 

Is your company filled with envy, jealousy and mean people?  

If your company does not create a good, thriving work environment you will fail. Sooner or later there will be holes here and there and you will slowly sink.  

What the employee wants… 

People want to go to work, finish tasks, projects, and presentations and do their job. An assembly worker is a robot, bottles come by and they slap on labels or do a quality inspection. Job is done and the person goes home. It is a simple job but someone needs to do it. Now outside of the assembly line, there better be something interesting or good at the company so they keep coming back.  

Maybe they have great team-building exercises, fun activities or amazing performance-based bonuses. A boring job needs to have something tied to it to keep that person in a thriving workplace. 

How about the office? 

The same thing applies to an office or the work-from-home culture. There need to be achievable incentives and high performance-oriented ones.  

If an individual goal is attained, the team’s overall goal will also be achieved because I may be able to chip in to the overall goal. I may be incentivized to make the company shine and by helping others I can do that. 

The small goals need to be measured and calculated so the team can put something amazing together. This is where most teams fail. The one bad apple that would cost the company too much to get rid of. Yet that person may be bored at their job. Has HR or their boss used them to their full potential? What and why is this person so bad, and whose fault is it? 

The blame game. 

Very common at work to be blaming someone for your mistakes. Sure, sometimes it is warranted and there are bad people. Knowing why and how they became so nasty and catching it before it happens is the fault and the job of the managers.  

The senior people must also be trained to be good leaders and not only depend on the boss.  

An employee wants to do a good job, yet you have created monsters because you as the boss are too lazy to do your job. Listen to assess and get to know your staff. Do not blame others because you are not doing yours. 

John Doe Vs Evil

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