Creating good employees. Part 3

Employees want to do good. 

Not many employees out there go to work to fail. They have responsibilities and commitments. Everyone wants praise over disapproval and criticism.  

This includes the boss. The CEO or the COO will want praise from clients, investors and staff. The boss is the boss for a reason, they may be the owners or the assigned CEO of an organization. However, at some point, they may have lost the desire to lead or they believe they are above everyone else. This is where a major check is needed. If the company is not performing well it is most likely the fault of the leader/boss and not the employees. 

The jobs. 

Scrolling through LinkedIn it seems that some job descriptions are so detailed that you seem to drown in responsibilities while others are so large that you do not know what the job at hand is.  

Some are written out to cover all aspects of a job so that if the employee fails it’s clear that they didn’t or couldn’t fulfil the role. It is designed to fail and is most likely written out by the HR department. While the other jobs are simply posted and the individual is going fishing, hoping to snag someone that may fit the role.  

The personal touch. 

Where is the Human Resource department? Many application processes are automated, the HR department may as well be a chimpanzee picking through a pile of bananas.  

I have sorted through many resumes myself and while I try to be fair, we are all the same up to a point. We sort through the good and the bad quickly. Trying to look at more than the content oftentimes. The process of looking is to find that unicorn that fits perfectly.  

Yet when all this sorting is done on paper you will be hard pressed to find that perfect individual. A salesperson sells, be that in person or via email. They should be a good communicator but they may be terrible writers.  

Some people can sell you anything but they may not be able to sell themselves.  

So what does it take to hire someone amazing? Communication is what is needed.  


This is where the real f*&k up happens. HR wants to hire someone to fill a role. Quick, we need someone for this job. Post an ad, sort and pick. Sometimes it seems as if it takes months to find someone… That is wrong, it means that you as HR do not know or do not have clear guidelines on whom you are looking for. Yes, there is and can be a major shortage of workers. However, your job is to pick the best of the bunch. Pick the one that has potential and nurture them if need be. Yet the buck stops right there. It comes to a screeching halt because of a lack of aftercare support. If you hired someone based on “this is the best we got” then you know they will need guidance and support. Think of it like this…  

While an experienced photographer will shoot 100 photos because they know what they want to shoot. Your HR department may hire an inexperienced photographer and shoot 1000 photos because they do not know what they want to shoot or have not been told what to shoot. It is because they shot and shot hoping to get the perfect shot.  

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