Creating good employees. Part 2 

What do employees want? 

So many employers seem to think that their employees or staff are lazy or do not want to work.  

This is a complete misconception and one that needs to be addressed. When you as the boss believe that your staff is lazy or does not want to work, it is your fault.    

There was a reason the person you or your HR hired is with you right now. You saw potential in them and now they are your responsibility.  

The employee. 

It has been driven into us since childhood that your parents went off to work and earn a wage. That job puts the food on the table and pays for the house, the car and the gadgets we play with.  

Why would someone go to work and do a bad job? 

Why would someone make mistakes on purpose?  

Why would someone call in sick when they are not sick? 

You are the answers to all the why’s. You did not hire a person because they were a bad worker, but your system may have created a bad employee. 

How can this be you ask? 

Easy… The main problem is you. This may be hard to swallow, but if you are not giving proper, clear instructions to your employee, your staff will be lost.  

They will be confused and not be able to figure out the job/task at hand. A bad employee will have a bad boss. Argue this until the cows come home but it’s the truth.  

A good boss/leader will give clear and concise information, they will guide the team or individuals to create something great.  

Give me a presentation on ________ so we can impress the client.   

That is not a clear mission you are sending your staff on. An army sergeant will not send his/her soldiers out to battle without a plan. A detailed plan of the mission.  

What is the mission? 

Ah, this is what the very busy boss, with meetings all day, fails to see. The mission needs to be outlined clearly so that your staff knows the details and what the end goal is.  

Armed with the knowledge of the mission, the staff can break out of the meeting inspired and ready to follow the instructions given. If the instructions are clear and the staff you have handpicked are qualified, you are well on your way to a good presentation. 

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