Creating good employees. Part 1

How are you today?

This morning, I found myself in a very sombre mood. When I woke up, things were stagnant. I was a little unsure of what to do next. I didn’t have instructions on the next steps of the project. I found myself wanting to do more. 

Has this happened to you? Going to work but not quite sure about the role you play or the task that needed to be finished today? 

This is not your fault. This is the fault of your employer. If you have finished your task, offer to help others. If you are unsure of what’s next, ask your boss/leader.  

Let’s get to work.

So many people are looking for a job and are eager to work. They have so much to offer and they are full of energy. How can you as an employer tap into that knowledge and energy? 

It is not as hard as you think. The power is literally in your hands. Surround yourself with people that compliment you and your needs. You have a CFO for a reason, you have a COO for a reason. You have them because YOU do not know everything. 

If you think you know everything, get someone to kick you in the ass or slap some sense into you. You cannot be an expert at everything. You may know a little about many things, but you cannot be the best CFO and also a social media expert while being a brain surgeon. 

You as the boss.

Look at your team and see if they are all as eager to work for you as the next person knocking on your door for a job…

There are so many people with great skills to offer. They do not all have to be young and fresh out of school with a degree. They may be seasoned professionals with incredible insight and experience that you may be able to pair with energetic eager fresh employees. 

In many ways, you are gaining… Experience paired with a fresh outlook and tech-savvy individuals. You can be brewing a fantastic team. But… You need to take a step back and see the full team on your pitch. 

The team you have assembled and set out to score the next point with, better be assigned to a good coach and that coach is you.

The coach.

This is where you come in. Do not look at yourself as the boss. Do not look at yourself as an owner. Look at yourself as a coach of the team. 

You are assembling your players and filling in the positions. A goalkeeper, a striker and your CFO is your best defender. Think of filling in positions on your team. 

Gather the team and assess the weakest link. Maybe they play better defence than the attacker role you have assigned to them. Maybe you need them on the creative team instead of the sales team because they have amazing ideas. 

You are the coach, not the boss. You are not a leader if you cannot bring your team to the next level. 

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