The Swedish retailer… IKEA. Part 5

For a full detailed account of the following, please read John Doe VS Evil. 

The cost of goods. 

The cost of goods and overhead is where the issue was. Colder winters? How can that be a problem? The heating cost per month in -20 is considerably more than a Mexican plant that is nothing more than walls and a tin roof. Oh the cost of the building, rented or owned costs more per sqft or per sqm. Slowly as you look into things like wages and overhead the cost of doing business differs greatly.  

No, this is not rocket science and we can all figure out the cost of shipping in and out of countries, the duties and so forth. So the cost of goods, regardless of unfair specs will and must vary.  

The people. 

It didn’t matter and it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. Yet the impact on people and their loyalty to a company can be blinding. The fact that all the YB employees know full well how the YB treats companies and people is disappointing.  

The fact that YB employees know that the suppliers are being raked over the coals and forced to bend forward and backward is a shame. Anyone who works at the YB should certainly look into the manufacturing companies and get the true story.  

How did this all happen? 

Well, it’s a trap, it is a double edge sword. On one hand, the YB provides a steady income. Second, they pay on time and third they come in peace. 

They come in peace, but the fact is they quickly turn on you and begin to assimilate you. Assimilation begins with I-way and Q-way. They are the YB bibles that everyone must adhere to. Oh, and it also states that they can ask any employee any question anytime. Sure this is easy. No one has anything to hide, not until they begin asking questions on wages and tell you that you need more washrooms and lunchroom space even though you are in line with local bylaws. All these little things begin to add up and put a strain on YB and supplier relationships. 

The employee… 

The employees suddenly feel they need to listen to the YB. Going against the owners because they were told to do something different by the YB. Who has the right to do this? Oh, the YB, of course. 

This little parasite they inject the employees with suddenly becomes a problem for all of us. An amazing example was quality control. They implement something like the YB-way and suddenly we get hit with testing costs and extra quality control work that was decided without prior knowledge or consent of the management. The employee is trying to please both the retailer and the employer yet who is going to pick up the tab? These minor things make working with and for the YB an absurdly difficult task. Add to this their mind-numbing logic and greed and you have the YB in a nutshell.  

Happy shopping… 

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