The Swedish retailer… IKEA. Part 3

For a full detailed account of the following, please read John Doe VS Evil.

Oh, the fun we had.

Fun is a loosely used term here. I am calling it fun, very sarcastically because it sure wasn’t. From product inspections to flaky inspectors and their notes… To very uneducated “in this field” business developers. 

When you meet someone for the first time and they introduce themselves with their name and, “My job is to reduce your product cost by 20%” you want to punch and kick them on the spot. Welcome to the team you little shit… The team that will tear you to pieces.

Reducing costs.

The YB had implemented an open book policy. They knew every cost and every nook and cranny of savings. Now, these savings in the early days were split. If we found a less expensive source of fabric and the savings was 10% we used to split 5 and 5 so we both gained. This was quickly changed to their benefit of 10%. 

Much like the travel points, the employees at the YB used to rack up. Now go to a group point system and the individuals lost out on the points. 

I mean I get it from a company point of view. But boy, oh boy their employees were pissed off because they lost all their points. Just goes to show you. Greed rules them all. 


Gone were the good old days of happy employees. The bonus system internally was changed and the once happy YB employees were upset ones. To the point where they would take it out on their suppliers at every turn. 

Slowly they became robots and lost the ability to think. Instead, they became soldiers and followed orders even when it was detrimental to the products and the company. At one point something went terribly wrong and the employees too lost faith in the YB. Greed wrecks us all. Thus it happened to the YB. The death of the owner didn’t help. The old bastard left behind a company that he created and let it turn into a dictatorship. I assume he never outgrew his Nazi background. 

With the massive changes…

The YB of the old days left and in came a ruthless head office in Houston Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas and so the assholes grew to an even grander scale. 

An even worse regime ruled now at the hands of a woman called Hanna. I don’t mind mentioning her name because if we were to take evil to the next level, she was it. A blood-thirsty woman who was fully brainwashed. 

At one meeting we laid out how we could not operate at this level and needed a 20% increase across the board. At the end of the presentation, she asked, “are you finished?” We nodded and expected a conversation and discussion of what we laid out. 

Instead, the VP of YB North America stood up and said, “this is our plan for a further cost-cutting of 10% across the board.” This is how the YB operates. 

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Ikea, Sweden, Swedish, home decor, retail, furniture, business, manufacturing, Ikea supplier, ZsoltZsemba,  

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