The Swedish retailer… IKEA. Part 2

For a full detailed account of the following, please read John Doe VS Evil. 

What they won’t do… 

Amazingly people are blinded these days by incredible ads and social media coverups/payoffs and bullying. That is the way this YB machine operates.  

What this company will not do is… Bring compassion, understanding and kindness to any table or meeting. There is a sly, sneaky and deplorable nature to doing business with the YB. Our dealings with them go back 25 years before they slashed our throats. This was not fun and as I outline in my book, I feel that someone got a bonus for taking care of the assassination.  

The people. 

From the ground up there is a sequence of brainwashing that takes place. Victims of a cult. The YB welcomes the new victims and then slowly manipulates each and every employee to the point of evil. The kind of evil that shines bright in everyone’s eyes, yet deep down there is a plan, an evil plan.  

Hence the title of my book contains those exact words. I didn’t choose that title by accident. I chose it knowing full well that it is the truth. What other multi-billion dollar retailer will scour the earth for the cheapest prices and then slash those prices to the bone and watch their suppliers bleed out and die? 


When your bonus system used to be set up with bribes, kickbacks and incorrect specifications you need to clean house. This is exactly what happened to the people we knew. Out with the old experienced and well-greased people and in with the new green uneducated ones.  

The ones we had to teach and then with the knowledge they come around, bend you over and screw you. This was and is the way. One for all and all for one as long as it benefits the bottom line. The ruthless machine that has been created is that of the YB.  

Let’s make stuff.  

Everything the YB makes is cheap. Sometimes cheap to the point of a bad product. Designed by mostly inexperienced designers that have little to no experience in their field but passed some courses. The many new people we had to deal with over the years seem ridiculous. Even when things didn’t make sense to them they had to follow IOS Ikea of Sweden. I called it the mothership in my book because they were people never seen, never heard… Yet the mothership always made decisions that trickled down to the people on the ground. 

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