The Swedish retailer… IKEA. Part 1 

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You want cheap? We give you… 

Everyone at one time or another, has associated cheap well-made, or not so well made furniture with this name. I will now refer to them as YB for the Yellow and Blue as I call them. I have a hard time saying that name. Mostly out of hatred and spite. Though I do use their name in #hastags and I will tag them in posts. 

What most people are not privileged to know and see first-hand is the behind-the-scenes of the great YB. They also do not see the behind the scenes of why they are not so great. 

Product development. 

One thing the YB is supposed to be proud of is that they make great products that are cheap, but that’s a bad word for them to use so they call it inexpensive.  

How they achieve these prices is where the consumer needs to pay attention. They do not lower their profit margins. They do not take a pay cut so that you may have a great/cheap product. No, no, no…They do go to their suppliers and do product development to see where there are monetary savings and that process is also known as “Slowly killing the suppliers.” 

It’s not murder. 

It’s not like a shot to the head of the suppliers. If they went that route, it would be far, far less painful and a hell of a lot quicker. Instead, they must have read up on the middle ages and purposely chose the torturous ways to maim and kill their suppliers. 

You wouldn’t like me coming to your house and rearranging your furniture and telling you how to live your life. Would you? You wouldn’t like me coming into your house and telling you or instructing you on how to raise your children.  

You wouldn’t like me to come into your house and tell you how to spend your household income and “teach” you how to save more money by changing your lifestyle? 

Bet you’d be angry. 

Imagine if I did all that and told you that this, this change and this torture is for your own good and that I said I am helping. All the while you didn’t ask for my help.  

How do suppliers feel when they get caught up in the torturous ways of their clients. Like a snake wrapped around you and squeezing every last ounce of energy and money out of you for their benefit. Go enjoy your Ektorp, Klippan and Kivik sofas on the back of the pillaged suppliers. Until people know the truth, they will be ruthless killers and a wake of dead and injured suppliers in their wake will continue. 

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