Outrage for others. Part 10 

Musk, saves the Rainforest? 

Seriously, is there anything Elon Musk can’t do? I am sure that he has many faults, as do we all. We all have talents. Then we are all pretty much useless at other tasks. But Elon has one thing that we do not all possess, that is money!  

The question is, why does it take someone like Elon Musk to raise awareness? Has the world not created enough documentation and warnings about not having the Amazon rainforest around? Are there not millions of people on the planet that are aware of the mass clearing in the Amazon? 

We all know it. 

We all know the issues about illegal logging. The people of the rainforest cut down trees in one part to survive and another to have lumber. Does it truly take one man to do something more about it? It is only a matter of time until Elon Musk himself will throw his hands up in the air and say “screw it” There has to be a point where one bangs their head against the wall and says “I give up”. At what point does the world wake up to the fact that we are all going to perish. For some of us, it will be sooner than later and if we do not do something today, we screw the future generations.  

The planet is dying.  

This fact is clear. How fast and when is the question. I am afraid that Mother Nature will get rid of millions of pesky humans far before we do enough to help her.  

We will kill ourselves off by tearing at her resources, stressing the environment and causing droughts, deforestation and pollution to the point of no return.  

The only way. 

The only way Elon Musk can save us is by doing the impossible. It is possible to raise awareness to such a level that people must pay attention. Coming up with currently unexplored solutions to the problems at hand.  

It blows my mind that a man like Elon Musk can treat presidents, dignitaries and the average person the same. He can address world leaders who beg for his business. Yet he can relate to the average human.  

Is he the second coming? I mean seriously…I hope we give him a chance to fix the world. If aliens land here and say, take me to your leader. I am taking them to Elon Musk.  


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