Outrage for others. Part 9

Oh, baby baby! 

What confused minds have invaded the country of America? America the great has had a questionable Trump presidency and is now in a fight with women, children and men over abortion rights.  

Now to get things really going they decided to not go ahead and fund the baby formula initiative? What the hell have these simple-minded idiots been smoking in the USA? Do they not understand the sustainability issue here? You cannot have one without the other. I hope the diaper companies do not shut down. Otherwise, America will be in further shit.  

Is this really where we are? 

Where is common sense in the world? Oklahoma passes the nation’s strictest abortion ban! Rapists are now able to father children, and women in possible need of abortion are unable to have it. Risking their lives and the baby in the process? Oh, but wait, if it is reported to the police… Well, I assume after they investigate the rape and all they may allow it? What kind of a world do we live in?  

Where is common sense here? The big question is… Who is pushing the agenda? Forget the politicians, forget the lawmakers. Who is behind it all? What simple-minded spinless old-world thinkers are running the “Most powerful/Most stupid “nation in the world?  


There is no way that any educated, or even barely educated person will be part of all of this. How can any logical person allow a law to pass that can and will force women of rape, incest or others forms of life-threatening illness to keep the child? 

No amount of arguing can rationalize the lack of thinking here. Is it something of a racist backing? Have children in America VS allowing immigration to America? What would be the difference? Allow people to enter or have kids within? Will they go as far as taking away children from their parents? I shouldn’t say that, but they may go that route. This is not a communist country but it seems like more and more that the “free” America is a thing of the past.  

Is it religious?  

Is this a religious movement? Is the religious movement so damn strong that they can force their way into politics to this extent? If it is, we should all be very careful.  

If God is real and sensible, he will stop this in its tracks because America is growing more and more divided over idiotic laws, terrible decisions and the simple-mindedness of the American lawmakers. Have babies, but do not have a way of feeding them, this seems to be a dumb-ass move. So let’s kick some asses over there people and wake the hell up! No amount of education seems to be enough to stop this terrible agenda that someone has dreamed up. Whoever it is, I sure hope that they use their tiny little brains and see the big picture sooner than later.  

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