Outrage for others. Part 8

How can this go unpunished?

The ultimate disgrace for Canada, “Our home and native land?” how fitting… Taking this bit on residential schools from the CTV news website was heartbreaking.  Truth and reconciliation, I am sorry, where is the truth and the reconciliation, where is the justice in the truth and reconciliation if no one is accountable?

Credit: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/residential-schools

We were looked upon as inferior.  said one person.

I cannot imagine how outrageous this bit of news has been. Look at the Canadian values, look at Canada’s reputation and image on the world stage. Now we have been tarnished humiliated and degraded to a level of the USA and Germany? The Nazis of Germany and the slavery of the south are something that we now share in the news.  

We not only tried to assimilate, change and brainwash children in the way of the “white man,” Canadians tore apart families for the sake of religion and to create the white way of living.  


How can one race deem another inferior? It has happened, it is happening and it will happen for as long as we walk this planet of ours. I doubt that racism will ever be eradicated from our vocabulary. I doubt that we as humans will be able to live in peace and life without war on our planet. There just isn’t the need for it by the majority.  

We can say we are trying but we are pissing against the wind.  

How can we deem a native Indian to be inferior? How can we say that a black, brown, yellow or white person is unlike the other? Oh yes, it’s the colour, yes the colour of our skin makes us better or worse, right? 


I wonder what the world would be like if we could carry on our lives without seeing colour. Better yet how about not seeing colour and not knowing religion or race. If we had a way of blocking these traits, would we be at peace?  

Would the world think of itself as one, rather than several different groups countries and ethnicities? We would find other differences to argue over… The language we speak, the food we eat or don’t eat, and the various traditions that are part of one culture or another. If we could still see past those differences would we be at peace?  

How can we be so brutal? 

It is one thing to see murder, rape, and torture, on television. It is yet another to see it live and it is yet a totally separate act to be the one committing such atrocities. How can you be the one who committed such acts and how could you be so cruel? What right did you have to create such horrid things?  

How cruel of a person can you be to do this in the name of religion and at a place of education? A place where you are supposed to teach and better yourself. Instead, you used it as a place of torture.  

It changed me as a person.  said another person.

That is one of the other comments from the CTV documentary. I believe change is a very shallow word for this terrible act. But the worst part is that no one… Absolutely no one is being held accountable.  

Is this the outraged society we live in?  

How can we all turn a blind eye? How can the politicians live with themselves knowing that there is no one being held accountable? How can the crimes that the church has committed go unpunished in modern society?  


This is what capital punishment is to be used for. Stonings, hangings and scalping should be the punishment for what they did to the families and the children of the native Indians. The Indigenous people as we refer to them now. Yet imagine the Indians and how they felt? The anger and the fear that they went through… Yet we hold no one accountable… But we do apologize and say “sorry” for the murders and crimes we committed. Try and kill a person today and get off with an apology… That is an outrage! 

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