Outrage for others. Part 7 

Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp... The name is instantly recognizable and depending on how old you are you may think of 21 Jump Street, Edward Scissorhands or Pirates of the Caribbean. No matter what, you most likely know his name. This makes you wonder how a man of his popularity and his fame could end up under the thumbs of an evil woman such as Amber Heard. 

Like in any abusive relationship it begins slowly and there are no recognizable signs. Mental manipulation and the ways to go about it could have been deliberate. Most likely it was a slow erosion of the relationship and Johnny Depp was a trusting soul.  

Nothing to hide 

When Johnny Depp testified he seems honest and comfortable answering all the questions asked of him. Amber Heard on the other hand was always on the defensive, in denial and manipulative. Right there, without further investigation, it is clear that she was the “boss”. There is a manipulative, two-faced person on the stand and always on the attack. Rarely did Amber Heard ever answer a question openly and honestly. There was always an if, or a but with an explanation. She can be seen acting and hiding the truth. Johnny Depp is either a better actor or he is telling the truth. You decide… 

Manipulative woman. 

Amber Heard and her team were not ready to deal with what was about to go down. Sinking the ship all by her lonesome with spotty and dodgy testimony. It is clear to see that she is not in control in the witness box, whereas Johnny Dep was and is.  

She is out of her element when she is not in control or losing control of the situation. She is on the run, but there is nowhere to run. Amber Heard is agitated and uncomfortable under pressure. Lies catch up to her quickly and this rattles her greatly. While he has nothing to hide and he is opening up to the world about abuse, Johnny Depp is still comfortable in a very unnatural situation.  

Coming out.

Imagine Johnny Depp coming out of the closet so to speak. Admitting to the world that you as a famous actor were abused in a relationship. This takes guts and a whole lot of effort from a person. Swallowing your pride and stepping out on stage as a victim. Admitting to the world that you were abused, taken advantage of and then made out to be the bad guy.  

Anyone thinking that is not a strong person would be deemed wrong. Johnny Depp has great courage and most likely good supportive people around him to pull this off. I am sure he asked himself a million times, “How did I get here?” 

Moving on. 

With Disney cutting Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean what’s next for Johnny Depp? If we had a crystal ball, we would know. He may need some counselling and time to regain his strength and momentum in the months to come. He was and is a victim of manipulation, abuse, torture and lies. Even if he never acts again and gets his shit together he should be able to adjust and return to society as a rehabilitated human. He should be given a chance by the many studios out there. Johnny Depp needs to redeem himself and be allowed to return to the world stage. 

Jonny Depp and Amber Heard
Johnny Depp dan Amber Heard (Foto: SkyNews)

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