Outrage for others. Part 6 

Short shorts!

This is the type of story that should cause outrage. When I came across this news story on Yahoo, I nearly flipped out! How come we are all up in arms over women’s rights? The PM of Canada Justin Trudeau supports all movements regarding women’s issues as he should. However, there sure isn’t any stepping in on his part even in the case of Lyndsey Stocker.  

The school’s website states that students are prohibited from wearing short shorts or skirts, halter tops, visible underwear, low-riding pants, clothing that’s torn, and anything that shows “excessive” cleavage or midriff, among other banned items. 

Why the double standard and why oh why is there all this talk about short shorts, cleavage, halter tops and visible underwear? The guys walk around with their asses hanging out in low-rise jeans with their underwear visible, and nothing is said. 

It’s the girl’s fault. 

We gotta love how the rules in the school are directed at the girls. They can directly violate the rules with nearly any piece of clothing. Tops, bottoms, skirts and shorts. How about slapping any guy upside the head when he looks at the girls’ legs or cleavage?  

How about education, enforcement and rules on looking the wrong way? How about letting girls be girls and letting boys be boys in this case?  

Teachers and schools are in the education business. Yet here they are at Beaconsfield Highschool doing the exact opposite. Rules are there for a reason, right? However, so is common sense? Who is walking around with blinders on here? Surely the school and the school board are out to lunch! Number one, there is a heatwave, no air conditioning and now no shorts?  

Who are the rules protecting?  

The rules are not in place for the students. No, no, no. Are they in place so the school can keep hormones at bay? No, the rules are there so the school can keep male teachers from getting in trouble right? Is it a temptation for the kids or the male teachers?  

Can we cover that angle for a second? Oh, I stepped on some toes here by taking a different perspective. All male teachers are probably going to check out the same cleavages and asses as their younger male counterparts.  

The rules are there to keep sexual harassment cases down right? Rather than teaching the kids right and wrong behaviour, we make rules to inconvenience others. One case of anything… be that littering, swearing, or sexual harassment will be suddenly covered by a blanketed rule because one person stepped out of line? This is the usual behaviour to cover up, rather than to educate.  

The perfect quote.

As Lyndsey Stocker stated, “They should approach it in a way that doesn’t target girls at least — for starters — because that’s the first problem. They don’t care what guys wear. They just kind of target the girls first.”

Her statement is true. So where are the great political leaders when they are needed? Oh wait, there are no great political leaders. 

They are spineless, weak, people. How can we expect rules and regulations from such people?

The perfect politician would spin this a million ways. As we all know, there will be no action taken from this. Give it a week this will be swept under the short skirt of some innocent female student in a jiffy. The long and short of it is there is a blip on the radar and the UFO Unidentified Female Offender is hushed. 

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