Outrage for others. Part 5

We read the headlines.  

We consume news by the headlines and not the full story behind it. We consume news in bits and pieces off of social media and not by reading the full article.  

We consume the news that is tailored to us to read by the social media accounts we follow and that is all false. They are bits and pieces, words and headlines of the full “real or not so real” story.  

The curated bits of information that are thrown at you are what get your attention. Communication that will send you into a frenzy and make you join forces with a like-minded but possibly wrong group of other individuals. This is what society is today. You may take bits and pieces of my blog and cause trouble for me… Yet given the whole story, I believe it makes sense.  

Look around. 

We look around the world today and see how we have evolved. We can bring in experts that will push their perspective and we listen because it makes sense. Yes, it makes sense and so we do not see the B side of the story. We look at the A side and agree whereas the B side also makes sense. There is no middle ground these days. People are only on one side of the fence and do not see the aerial view of the problem.  

Look at Putin, right or wrong, (I am not on his side) he feels like he is caged and the world is against him. We DO NOT know the full story and we never will know of the agendas hidden behind this war. No one will ever know so don’t even bother to try and explain. No one will ever know the real dark secrets hidden behind the support or lack of support for any of the uprisings. There are simply too many hidden secrets and underground movements that poke the hornet’s nest.  

We may need to change our minds. 

We consume all this information on the war and other stories from millions of news sources owned by certain parties, pushing certain agendas. We consume this information to satisfy our beliefs and that those beliefs are ok.  

We don’t want to check the facts. It is too much work and embarrassing if we are wrong. We may be forced to change our minds and that may hurt. We may come up with other questions that we are not prepared for. Such is the way with many topics. We could talk about aliens, God or the way sugar affects our bodies. 

Is God real? 

The true answer is, that we do not know. No one knows. Some believe and some don’t. The ones who swear there is a God rely on a certain amount of information that is deemed to be documented. However that it might not necessarily be factual. The ones that do not believe will rely on a certain amount of fact, like evolution. Both have a belief and both have a certain amount of documents and things believed to be facts.  

The truth is, we will never know unless someone somewhere comes along and says, “I am God” Or some alien comes along and says “We created you, stop this nonsense”  

Either way… Stay informed, stop the outrage and try to create peace instead of war.  

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