Outrage for others. Part 4

We are but sheep… 

Like sheep to the slaughter we go… Oh yes, we are all but sheep and follow the crowd. Unless you take a deep look into any topic and read both sides of the story, you are ill-informed. Reading up on a topic is one thing. Understanding and reading with an open mind is the key. One can read the history of slavery with today’s mindset but what about reading it from the mindset of the past? How did the slaves live? Where did they get taken from, and how were they treated as the white boss whipped them in the fields? Back then, like today, we stand by and watch shit happen. Governments pull the rug out from under us, the ones that fight back can only fight for so long. The rest sit back and behave like sheep. Tax money being pissed away appears in the news, billions to trillions of taxpayers’ money are pissed away and the sheep stay as sheep. What can we do? 

Would you do that? 

Seriously, how was that an acceptable thing to do? Everyone knew this was wrong, yet it was accepted until it wasn’t. Why can we not see things like this today? Why can’t we as a society teach people to not hate? Because in certain households it is perfectly acceptable to hate.  

Would you go and round up the Jewish family next door and kill them? No, you wouldn’t. You may if they maimed or killed one of your family. You wouldn’t if they didn’t cause harm to you in any way. So why go kill a black man and shoot him in the back? Because you know you may just get away with it… Oh and you are a racist asshole, that’s why!  

In their shoes. 

Question yourself about the topics and put yourself in the shoes of others. Instead of looking down on a homeless man, ask yourself the question of how they got there? Ask yourself how you could end up on the street and how you would wish to be treated?  

Ask yourself what it is like to be whipped while cotton picking. Or today work as a slave in a mine in Africa. That is happening today as we drive around in our electric cars and talk on our mobile phones. Ask yourself how your clothes got on your back. All ethically sourced certified and traceable products eventually lead to higher prices. These are prices that no one wants.  

General labour. 

There is a difference between the labourers of today and the labourers of yesterday. Yesterday does not have to be a year ago or 10 years ago. It is going on today…  

Forced labour is going on as you read this. Child labour is going on as I type this. There is a difference between labour and forced labour. Labourers, no matter how young or old in Indonesia for example, work so they can put food on the table. I have watched children rummage through garbage in Jakarta. They collect cans and recyclables to take home to be able to put food on the table. There was no whip to be seen, they did it to be able to eat. That is out of necessity because no one has been outraged enough to help put a stop to it. This is where we come in as not so innocent bystanders. We choose to participate in the outrage rather than to do something about it.  

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