Outrage for others. Part 3


Let’s take the case of Eric Garner, “I can’t breathe” was a perfect case for justified outrage. This type of thing should make news across the planet. Every nook and cranny of the world should be alerted that this is not ok. This needs to stop! 

My question is… Why is this not the ultimate outrage? Why are we not jumping on this topic with millions of dollars raised and hiring the best lawyers in America to stop this brutal violence?  

How come this continues and black people are being shot in the back and others are dying at the hands of police needlessly.  

It is not enough! 

Not only in the case of Eric Garner, but George Floyd and so many others… This type of behaviour is allowed because there are very few consequences. Slaps on the wrist are not enough. Why are laws not being passed against police brutality as fast as they are being passed for the newest abortion laws?  

It’s bullshit, to say the least. Where is the next outrage and why hasn’t that one continued? It’s because it is being suppressed and there is no money to continue the fight. The awareness is not enough. No one will retrain cops that are brainwashed by the white supremacy-based news cycle. Someone should continue the fight, but who? 

This is the main problem. 

We take up the fight on so many levels and yet there should be one united cause. Peace, fairness and common sense. We all know what is right and wrong.  

Don’t tell me that the idiots burning cop cars and rushing the Capital in Washington DC didn’t know it was wrong. Sure they did. They may be followers, but they know. They all took a gamble and went and stood by their leader Donald Trump! Even he knows what’s right and what’s wrong. He only chooses to be the way he is because he knows that his followers will vote for him. Not everything Trump did was wrong. The way he went about doing it sure was.  

Divide and conquer. 

We all know it is the oldest trick in the book. Yet we as simple-minded humans fall for it every single day and every single time. Hook, line and sinker we fall flat on our faces. 

Lack of reading, understanding and of course hear no evil, see no evil is the best way to live right? Absolutely not, yet that is how many choose to live. They choose to be ill-informed and uneducated about the topic they raise and the causes they support. This all leads to misinformation and further outrage.  

Divide society and let them duke it out. Let them fight before you while you steer the ship in the direction you wish it to go.  

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