Outrage for others. Part 2

Hop on!

Why is it that we can take up a cause for others? How come we can set up Go Fund Me sites for people in immediate need and yet we cannot look after our family, friends and neighbours?  

The need to jump right in and hop on a bandwagon is not a bad thing. It is however a need that seems to be filled way too often. We can standby or walk by a homeless person in need of help and never drop a penny in his hat. That is not seen as a Go Fund Me option. Yet when something happens in the world, we are all so quick to fix it.  

A “caring” society“. 

It is amazing how we can standby and ignore the real problems and be blindly guided by the news and bits and pieces of information. We choose to be a caring society when we choose to care. This is such bull shit. 

No one gives a damn about the immediate situation. Nevertheless, when you bring up a cause and outrage or tragedy for an unrelated cause we suddenly become “caring”. We not only care, but we also create outrage and race to bring this new cause to the attention of everyone in the world for the next 5 days.  

The next 5 days! 

Sounds like a movie title for a romantic adventure or a doomsday movie. It may as well be because that’s all we care about. We create a tsunami of the information we have briefly consumed and dump it all onto the many social media platforms where others also do what we just did.  

We pile on and pile on some more… Sometimes we realize that the information consumed had been false or not completely true. This is the world we live in. This is the world that consumes our daily lives. This is what drives more and more outrage. This is the distraction that politicians play on. Why do we not care about Jeffrey Epstein for the last 2 years? Where are the news cycles and the finders of the truth for that cause? No, Go Fund, Me was set up to dig deeper and deeper into every single lead. No, it’s yesterday’s news, too many hands are in the cookie jar and too many will be burned at the stake for the outcome.  

It’s all dead. 

The news cycle rollercoaster has come and gone on so many levels. The whole world is now in Ukraine. Kinda wish the war happened sooner because it helped us forget about Covid.  

That is not a joke, nor am I serious about it. It was the next big news event that released us from the mind-crushing, mind-numbing Covid news cycle and helped us be distracted by the war. This too shall pass, but not without tremendous damage to the people of Ukraine and the world economy. The news cycle is dead when people stop paying attention. So stop pouring gasoline on the fire. Stop the feeding frenzy of this type of news. Go help the little guy with his hand out on the street corner and take them to get a meal or buy them new clothes instead. Go local and make a difference to a friend, family or the local homeless guy.  

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