Have you had a boss like this? Part 8

The cheerleader. 

Sometimes all a boss needs to do is to give encouragement… A single word can make all the difference to the workforce. Be the cheerleader on the bench and have a few nice things to say along with constructive criticism. There is nothing better than to show the team that you can and will pick up the pieces if they happen to crumble.  Things will fall apart, things can and will go wrong. We know Murphy’s law, we have all been there. 

Have their backs. 

When an employee knows that the boss has their back they will perform. Support is crucial. Supporting your children, your spouse and your family is the same thing. A working group of people can become friends, and this can solidify a team. 

Showing the employees that they can come to you with problems and challenges benefits both. A CEO can have the vision and all the funding in the world… But without a solid, dedicated team you may as well be the Titanic.  


Employees, most employees will come to work, to work. If you do not give them clear instructions and directions, they will be on social media all day. If one does not let employees come to them with an openness and understanding, there will be failures. The department heads and managers are crucial to communication. A good leader and boss need good communicators.  Much like a personal relationship your co-workers cannot read your mind. 

A good team. 

The company, be it large or small needs, good key people. Those key people need to be accountable, open and honest. They must see and align themselves with the vision of their boss. They must be innovative and open-minded. 

This is from personal experience… When you ask people for their opinion, they will give it. That is if you let them. There are no bad ideas. There may be some that work and some that don’t. But if you do not hear them, you will never know. Letting people speak up with confidence is hard. Public speaking is hard. Having people speak with confidence about their idea is a matter of being comfortable. 

That is your job as a boss. Bring people together and get the job done! 

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