Have you had a boss like this? Part 7

The work hierarchy.  

One of the key aspects of any company is the hierarchy. A good boss delegates to the team. Much like a coach lays out the plan for a team. 

Hopefully, the coach has seen the competition play and has analyzed them. The boss/coach knows the strengths of the team and the competition. If that knowledge is missing it will be hard to compete. 

Every company needs a team, the players will be the boots on the ground or the fingers on the keyboards. 

The broken cogs. 

One crucial thing a company needs is the structure and the end goal. One company I worked for was missing this key step. Plus, the other very negative aspect was that the boss always changed his mind. 

Minutes after a meeting we would be called back in, and new goals were given. New directions were laid out hours after a two to three-hour meeting. Eventually the teams didn’t know what to do because of the mass confusion. 

The nonsense 

This kind of behaviour is nothing but a terrible mess. The department heads left without clear instructions. How are they to instruct the team when the goals and the conclusion of the meetings were unclear. This is the same boss that would then call each department head to make sure the other department heads were doing their job.  This nonsense, this confusion costs thousands of dollars every week. 

Make a decision. 

Pick a direction that everyone agrees on and run. If there are problems, they will arise. We all know they will arise and stick their heads out. 

If the team hits the field without a plan, they will pass the ball around and never score. The point of the game is to score. Get your product out there and score a goal. 

If your plans or plays don’t pan out, change them. Fix them and try again. Maybe players need to be changed. Maybe they need to be let go. 

The boss should see. 

A good boss/leader should be able to make the team perform. Rarely do I see the need to fire someone. If you do, you hired the wrong person or you have not been able to get the performance you need out of them.  Then it’s up to you to figure out whether you let them go, or start training at the beginning. 

On our soccer team, we took on good, but problematic players more than once. They are the restless kid in school who finds class boring because they are not challenged. The teacher does not know how to reach the child and bring out their strength. They are not teachers. They are merely regurgitating information. 

A good boss should pick their team and rally them up, get them going so they will perform.  

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