Have you had a boss like this? Part 5

The Liar. 

This trumps all as far as I am concerned. The liars top it all off. This goes for relationships, relatives, co-workers and business acquaintances. I can put up with people yelling, and even the bullying because I could ignore it and not take it to heart. Some people simply can’t and either way, it is not a good fit for the long term, time to move on. 

However, the liars, well that tops it all off because they are not only lying to you but they are lying about you and for you. They burn bridges, they make false claims and accusations.  

Bad for business? 

Oh, hell yes. This one particular person was a compulsive liar. We couldn’t believe one word that came out of his mouth. We did business with this man until we found out and we stopped.  

His whole world was a lie, He would regularly lie to the customer about the products, the prices and of course lead times and promised unreasonable delivery times. Because he always lied, he was unable to tell anyone the truth. He would always call and lie. It was hard to nail him down on any points because it was hearsay.  


His favourite term was “jackass”. Everyone was a jackass and everyone else lied and he always told the truth. This at first was not evident. Took a while for us to catch on and we had to play some games to get to the “truth”  

Eventually, we suspected that he was a compulsive liar. So, we played games. A few of us would ask the exact same question:  

“When will this order be ready?”  

“Do you think this order will be ready on time?”  

“Can we call the customer to confirm the delivery of this order?”  

Same question and we would get different answers. It was sad that we had to play a game and stoop to his level so we might know the truth. In the end, everyone was a jackass and he was right. But Jackass became his giveaway. Whenever he called someone a jackass, we figured he was lying.  

He survived. 

I am completely unsure as to how. But to this day this man is in business. His reputation is not good, he doesn’t pay his suppliers on time, but he is alive and kicking. There must be a secret to his game because it had kept him in business somewhat successfully over the years.  

I can only assume that people have a short memory and somehow manage to forgive and forget, and yet go back to him. In general, he was a likable funny man, maybe his personality made up for the lies. 

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