Have you had a boss like this? Part 3

The narcissist boss. 

Why this happens to a person, I’ll never know. These people are a breed of their own and live a very narrow-minded life. It seems that their reason for existing is to pick on and bully people.  

From passive-aggressive comments to putting down employees both near and far is their way of life. Why is this? Are they also at home strangling cats and plotting the next murder? Or are they only like this at work?  

Speaking from experience, a close friend of mine had a terrible boss that lived this sort of life. Her boss was nice to everyone in front of strangers and new acquaintances. But that stopped quickly. 

The way we talk. 

We all know, how to behave at work for the most part. Sure there will be words that may slip out that could be inappropriate or wrong. But the narcissist boss doesn’t know or care and turns off all filters. This I assume is done on purpose. The belittling ways in which they talk to people to make them sound dumb and downright stupid.  

Most of the questions they ask are questions or tasks they handed out with little to no information. When the task is complete they ask questions that only they can answer. It’s a stupid game played by stupid people.  

Hindering progress. 

These types of bosses waste time and valuable resources because they do not know what it is that they are asking of their team. They are not clear and they are then the smartass in the meeting. Asking the team and employees questions that only they can answer. Think of the employees like robots. Worker ants in a way. There are special departments, HR, accounting, marketing etc.  

If any of those teams are not given the proper input, how do you expect a positive output? If you need a greeter at Walmart and you tell someone to hire a general helper you cannot expect the general helper to know how a greeter behaves. This then becomes a training process and not a hired employee for a task. A narcissist boss will always be right, correct and on the attack.  

Living in hell. 

One thing to look out for in such a person is that they are vengeful, nasty individuals. It is best to leave whenever possible. This type of person will be nice in a group chat for example and nail you in a personal conversation for not playing by their rules. They will send personal messages or conversations and leave out vital information and burn you in front of your co-workers. Eventually, the employee begins to feel as if they are stupid and will question their every move. The company eventually only moves forward when every little detail is given because they are afraid to make a mistake. Mistakes equal being ridiculed and thus the company moves very slowly… 

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