Have you had a boss like this? Part 2

With whom would you prefer to work?  

What kind of a person are you? What kind of a boss do you or would you prefer to work for? I have not worked for many, but the ones I have worked for were very different. Not only personality wise, but from different backgrounds and wealth. Some truly started from the bottom up and some had old money.  

One was a micromanaging a-hole and the other was a lost soul who got lucky in their business. Neither one was a team player and neither one could run the business on their own. By that I mean they had no patience for the small things. One of my former bosses could not be bothered to read a contract because they did not have the patience for it. Yet if something went wrong it was never their fault.  

The narcissist boss.  

This by far is my favourite topic. I always wonder if they were born this way or were they simply left to become this way. No one dared to teach them right from wrong or as the business grew did it let them get away with more and more until they turned out the way they are.  

I feel it’s definitely the latter. When you end up making enough money, you feel you can get away with anything and everything. You forget where you came from and you forget about others. You forget your manners and forget about your employee’s feelings. You the narcissistic boss have become all-knowing and evil.  

You are God? 

It seems that when a boss gets this evil and this nasty/powerful in a company that many want to work for, there is no stopping. Yelling, screaming and belittling are the way things go.  Bullying in the workforce is a negative and frowned upon behaviour. Yet when the all-knowing boss does it, the company HR turns a blind eye. After all, no one can discipline the boss. At this point, the boss is just that, a boss. A sometimes loved and sometimes hated person who knows it all no matter what and wants their way, no matter what.  

You are not a leader. 

A boss is a boss is a boss… There is no stopping a nasty boss, they are a boss and not a leader. Unfortunately, a bad boss will not make a good leader. A team captain does not need to be the best player on the field. They need to show competence, understanding and leadership by example. Doing the right things when no one is looking is the best way to describe a good person. Being understanding, caring and honourable to your employees is the best way to lead. A few nice words will go much farther than the harsh ones. This unfortunately is not clearly understood by many.  

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