Have you had a boss like this? Part 1

Things you need to know. 

What are we all chasing? Wealth? Happiness? Peace? Wellness? It could be one of those things or all of those things. Achieving all of that is much like wanting things done, good, fast and cheap. You can’t have it all, pick two. The same principle applies to wealth, happiness, peace, and wellness. We can argue about the order of things but achieving all of those comes at a price. 

The saying, we can’t have it all rings true. With wealth, comes stress. Achieving wealth itself is stressful. With the focus on growth and money, peace and wellness will be put aside. 

The stress.

Financial, business, personal, relationship and family stress as well will add up. Working long hours, and organizing and building a team itself is stressful. Things never go according to plan. People quit, leave, die, whatever the circumstance it is stressful. 

Whether you are selling a product, a service or your knowledge there is always competition. Little things add up and if you are a newbie, your life will spin out of control. So what is the secret to it all? Sure the millionaires and billionaires all have help now. They went on the wild rollercoaster ride of business on their own. They have managed to take control and step back. 

Needing help.

Everyone needs help. Those who say “I built this all by myself” are liars. At some point in the business, they had help. Maybe the help was free or paid for, but there was help. The person may be the owner, they may be the CEO, but they had a team.

When people say “this is my business”, I often get the sense that they are full of themselves. No matter what this is our business. The employees are an extension of you. The way you treat them is an indication of the results you will receive. 

How do we do it?

CEOs that glorify themselves and put themselves on a pedestal will be the ones standing alone out in the rain when things come crumbling down. Yes, Steve Jobs was the face of Apple. However, someone had to design the phones and create the software. The same goes for Bill Gates and Elon Musk. They rely on thousands of people and could never say “I did it myself” 

Often keynote speeches will open with, “we at…” we, not I. I may have a vision, that is solely mine. However, I needed you to read this and for me to post it took all this technology that others worked on. 

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