Do what makes you happy. Part 10

Do you have a favourite place? 

What place or memory of a place makes you happy? What memories can you recall from your childhood that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling? A comforting thought that you wished you could relive or pass on to your kids or partner.  

We all have those feeling and I feel that striving to have that special attachment to a place is important. For me, it was visiting my aunt and uncle’s 100-acre farm in the middle of nowhere. Being free as a child and having these long hot summer days wandering around in the forest and dirt roads.  

A car would pass at a rate of maybe 1 per hour and we never had to be careful crossing the roads. We had two dogs that would accompany us and they ran around without a leash. They were country dogs that slept outside no matter what the conditions were. They were covered in snow and made little mounds as the snow fell on them. Only their noses would be visible.  

Happy as kids and adults. 

Why is it that as we get older we grow grumpy and forget what it was like to be children? Why can we act like kids up to a certain age and then turn sour?  

Is it life experiences that kick us around so much that we do not know how we used to be? Is it that our happiness has been chased away by all the bad we have experienced. Do we get sick and tired of life and forget how we were jackasses as well at one point in life?  

We had to learn from our mistakes as much as our parents did. Our kids’ will, you’re kids will and their kids’ will. It’s the process of life. No matter what you say and what you do, we learn from experiences.  

Somehow we lost it. 

Look at the grumpy old men and women all over the world. We lost the meaning of fun because of the way the world has been shaped by our elders.  

Some people we knew as kids have turned out to be lying politicians. Some people we knew as kids have turned into alcoholics or even passed away. Their life has been turned upside down by trauma or circumstances. The happiness we shared as kids is so far buried in them that they do not have the means of finding it.  

How do we reset all this? 

I wish I had an answer. For me finding happiness is one thing and for you, it is another. However, I feel that going back to some old memories and chasing those feelings is where it is at. Getting to know you and your past is one way of reconnecting. 

It could be a favourite cottage you used to visit with family or a loved one. It could be a place… One of my favourite places is a diner we used to go to and to this day when I am in the area, I must visit it and eat there whether I am hungry or not. 

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